Quality Management

G M Monk are committed to proactively developing, mutually beneficial trading relationships and promoting corporate responsibility with all stakeholders, based upon a foundation of trust and co-operation.

Our strategy for service delivery is driven by our desire to provide services of consistently high quality and fully meeting our customers’ expectations. This is further supported by our commitment to develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in quality management and business activity. We are accredited and work to the standard of Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001.

We recognise that excellent customer service must be an integral part of the delivery of quality services. We are committed to continually raising our standards of customer service by responding to any issues and feedback from colleagues, end-users, residents and clients.

Environmental Management

G M Monk recognises the importance of environmental issues and throughout its commercial activities and operations, is committed to fostering the preservation and protection of the environment. GMM are also committed to continually improving our environmental performance.

We are accredited and work to the standard of Environmental Management System BS EN ISO 14001.