Project Overview:

To upgrade the main electrical distribution equipment including a new submain and consumer unit within the school kitchen.

Tender Process:

G M Monk were originally called out to Little Common School to provide a quotation for a three phase extraction system to the kitchen. On further investigation at the origin of supply we found that the system was overloaded. To confirm, we carried out thermal imaging and load logging testing.

G M Monk worked alongside an electrical consultant to design the necessary electrical system required for the entire site. We submitted our designs and tender to East Sussex County Council and were awarded the project 4 weeks later.

Scope of Work:

  • Design
  • Temporary supplies to the Intruder and Fire Alarms
  • New UKKPN supply
  • Installation of new external kiosk
  • Roofing containment
  • New submain cable from external kiosk to main electrical intake room
  • Removal of all redundant switch fuses
  • Installation of a new MCCB panel, new single-phase consumer unit, new three-phase consumer unit and a new sub main cable to the kitchen
  • Upgrade of main earthing and bonding cables
  • Electrical Instillation Condition Report

We deliver Results:

Our inhouse team of installation electricians worked tirelessly and delivered a fantastic install in only 6 weeks during the school holidays. This meant the school was fully functional and ready to reopen on the 4th September 2020. The project was delivered ahead of time and under budget.