Project Overview:

Electrical Installation And Condition Report At Ashburnham Place, Including Installation And Maintenance Works.

Scope of work:

  • Electrical Inspection and Testing to the Prayer Centre comprising of 6 houses, 2 Plant rooms and Coach House on 3 floors
  • Additional areas of the South Lodge, a 4 bedroom house at main entrance, and Blue Doors, a 3 bedroom house, on the main drive were also included in the testing programme.
  • Carry out remedial work highlighted by the test
  • Provide maintenance work on the existing electrical installation and reactive cover if required 24 hours, 7 days a week

Final Results:

Once the quotation was accepted, we worked with the clients to programme in the most convenient time to conduct the electrical test without interfering with the daily use of the centre. We also developed a programme which enabled us to complete the testing within the given time frame and to allow our client to plan activities around this.
After the test was completed, a full electronic report was issued, along with a quotation for items that had failed or required further investigation.
G M Monk has further continued work at Ashburnham Place by carrying out remedial work from the results of the test.


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