New Addition

Here at G M Monk we have taken a positive step in reducing the company’s carbon footprint by substituting one of our vans for an electric version in an attempt to be greener concerning the environment. You may spot the van driving around East Sussex and you’ll notice that we have slightly changed the design of the van’s sign writing, make sure you don’t become green with envy!

There really is multiple benefits in owning an Electric Vehicle, there are the important reductions in air pollutants over the vehicles life when compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. We however have particularly enjoyed the simplicity to driving the vehicle, its quiet, relaxing to drive and will have inexpensive ongoing costs.

G M Monk have also installed a vehicle charging point at our offices in Brampton Road making charging the vehicle easily achieved.

If the benefits of an Electric Vehicle are seeming attractive to you and you are considering purchasing an EV then do not hesitate to contact us. We can discuss car charging options and highlight the government incentives along with their improved funding schemes to ensure you have a pleasant introduction to owning an Electric Vehicle.